Jill Ridden

Wedding Celebrant

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What do you provide for the cost of your services?

My fee includes consultation, samples of ceremonies and vows, samples of readings, advice on how to apply for your marriage licence, development of a ceremony, a “dress rehearsal” and the wedding day ceremony. I also incudes travel within the Invercargill area. My charges are available on enquiry. I can also provide a small sound system.

When are we required to confirm our booking?

Confirmation is required within 2 weeks of making an enquiry and requesting a pencilled booking.

Do you the celebrant attend the wedding reception?

No. It adds extra cost to the day, but I am often invited to join everyone for a celebratory drink after the ceremony.

How long does a normal ceremony take?

My philosophy is to work with a couple to create their own personal service based on information that we share and I find the average length of a ceremony is 20 minutes.

Do we have to know our vows by heart and do we have to write them ourselves?

No it is not a requirement to remember the vows. It is a personal choice as to whether a couple write their own vows or choose from the selection I provide.

We intend to elope so who has to be present at the ceremony as well as the celebrant?

Your ceremony has to be witnessed by 2 people and if you do not have any witnesses I am able to provide them at a cost to you per person.

Are we able to have a practice run through the ceremony?

Most couples fell more comfortable knowing where to stand and the sequence of the service. It is not essential but recommended and normally takes place the day prior to the service or at an agreed time with the couple.

Can we get married at a place we wish to?

You are given the option of two choices on your Licence application and I am legally bound to conduct the ceremony at either of those places. The choice of two venues provides for a wet weather option if needed.

How much does it cost for a licence and where do I get one?

After we have signed the official documentation on our wedding day, is it valid overseas?

The Particulars of Marriage certificate is accepted only as legal and valid documentation while residing in New Zealand. For New Zealand couples who intend to travel or live overseas and couple who reside outside of New Zealand, there is a requirement to obtain an Official Marriage Certificate (BDM 93M) which is stamped by the Registrar General of New Zealand. This is done once you are married and have signed the documentation at the wedding ceremony. It is a very simple process through contacting the New Zealand Registrars office.

Phone: 0800 2277 77 (NZ only)

Overseas: +64 4 474 8101

Cost is NZ$26:50 (GST Inc) and is payable by credit/debit card, bank cheque or draft. Overseas clients please note: Some countries require a New Zealand Apostille Certificate or Authentication Certificate as well as a NZ Marriage Certificate. It is advisable to contact you own government to enquire of our NZ Marriage Certificate is accepted as a legal document in your country. If not, the NZ Marriage Certificate will need to be authenticated. Cost for applying for authentication is $32:00 (GST Inc). The application form can be downloaded from the Department of Internal Affairs website in New Zealand.

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